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Bedohave Ventures, LLC

Consulting That Gets Results

At Bedohave, we take pride in helping people become who they need to BE so they can DO great and amazing things to be able to HAVE all that life has offer.

Your Success Is Our Mission!

Our clients' bottom line is our top priority. We are in constant communication with the people we serve and are committed to advancing the immediate needs and wants of our clients. Our team works around the clock to provide the necessary services and support that each client needs from us.

Steps for success

What We Do

Business Management


We make it our priority to highlight what's not working in our clients business' and how they can go about increasing revenue and profit to grow their business' more effectively.

Personal Life Consulting

When it comes to winning at life, mindset is everything. We teach clients how to develop a belief system that fosters growth, resilience and determination to be able to succeed at anything in life.

Health & Wellness Consulting

The fruits of your labor can't be fully enjoyed if poor health plagues the body. We offer comprehensive health and fitness consulting and coaching to improve your mind, body and spirit.

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Mindset is Everything for Success

Our Services

We specialize in offering a unique set of consulting services designed to help you achieve greatness in business and entrepreneurship, mindset transformation and holistic health program

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Business management solutions that focus on immediate problem solving and consistent business growth

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Mindset Paradigm Shift program to help individuals develop belief systems essential to flourishing in life

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Holistic Total Body coaching regimen that heals the mind, body, and spirit with custom exercise programs, plant-based meal plans and herbal supplements

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Happy Clients!

How we can upgrade your life

It's like they put my business under a microscope, found the inefficiencies, and handed me a roadmap to sky-high profits. Now, my business is not just surviving; it's thriving like never before.

- Hakeem W.

I'm meeting my goals, and I've even got a vision board that keeps me focused every day. The actionable mindset classes provided me with daily fuel to live a purposeful life. I'm not just dreaming anymore; I'm doing.

- Alicia B.

I've lost weight, my energy levels are through the roof, and my mental clarity is sharper than ever. I finally feel in harmony with myself, ready to conquer whatever life throws at me.

- Martin J.

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1525 E Noble Ave #1027

Visalia, CA 93292

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